Total Shredder is a single drive EFB shredder geared with 100HP motor which is specially developed to provide an optimum machine for empty fruit bunch shredding.

The cast iron body provides a robust support to the shredding effect hence enhancing the blades performance even after many hours in operation.

The blades are made of carbon steel through a precise hardening process to enable the required hardness to meet the application.

Total Shredder is designed with user friendly features to ease operation personnel’s routine maintenance work. Replacement of blades is easy and can be done by dismantling the couplings without removing the supporting bearings.

The maintenance cost for the shredder is expected to be below RM0.20 per ton of FFB.

The EFB fibre can be use for field applications, mulching, composting and boiler fuel. In certain areas, EFB fibre can be sold as fuel for industrial boilers at RM5.00 per ton or more.

Total Shredder
Total EFB Shredder