The Premium Stephan S4 family is a mature gear unit family that boasts more than 10 years of direct development knowledge. It is the direct successor of the Hansen S3 family.

  • Wide range of types
  • Adaptable performance features for gearbox and motor
  • Reliability
  • High availability
  • Flexible, customer-specific adjustments

Note: Premium Stephan Gearbox/Geared Motor was formerly known as Hansen or Rexnord-Stephan.

S4 stands for:

  • Strong: powerful, thanks to an optimized design and the use of high load-bearing capacity components
  • Silent: low noise, thanks to high gearing quality and refined tooth engagement
  • Standard: standardized to dimensions normally found on market, thus rapid and simple installation
  • Smart: easy assembly due to Easy-Fit pre-mounting system, hence, high speed and cost-efficiency

Features of S4 gearbox series:

  • Large torque range up to 50,000 Nm
  • Longevity even under the toughest working conditions such as palm oil mills
  • Superior cost/performance ratio due to custom-designed features
  • Broad range of geared motors with helical, helical-bevel and parallel shaft gear drive designs
  • Easy-Fit assembly system: Single-ratio pre-mounted gearbox, final assembly and delivery as fast as 2 hours
  • Flexible and configurable motor-specific performance features with integral or IEC design such as brake motor, separated cooling fan, and so on
  • Reliable performance, tried and proven in practice, integrated with more than 80 years of experience in geared motor technology!