Premium Stephan
S4 Geared Motor

Premium Stephan

Our Premium Stephan S4 Geared Motor Family is the direct successor of the Hansen S3 family. The S4 series boast more than 10 years of direct development knowledge.

Premium Stephan
E4/C4 Gearbox

Premium Stephan E4 C4

The Premium Stephan E4/C4 Series are designed to withstand heavy duty applications such as palm oil industries’ palm kernel oil screw presses and digester facilities.

Conveyor Chain

TRP Chains

TRP palm oil conveyor chain is a product developed by Daido Corporation’s technical experts in Japan to provide a robust and lasting chain to the palm oil industry.

Roller Chain

TRP Roller Chains & Sprockets

TRP roller chain is developed to meet the high wear resistant and durability necessity in various industrial transmission application. We supply both ANSI standard and British Standard.

Worm Gearbox

Premium Worm Gearbox

The Premium Worm Gearbox is case hardened and profile ground screwed threads meshing with smoothly finished bronze wheel to transmit torque at right angle.

Rotary Joint

Johnson Rotary Joint

We are appointed by the Nippon Joint, Ltd (Japan) as Representative to promote Rotary Joint, Rotary Syphon and Stationary Syphon to various industries in Malaysia.

EFB Shredder

EFB Shredder

Our EFB shredder geared with 100HP motor is specially developed to help you utilize your empty fruit bunches, bringing you more opportunity and more profit.